MyGrid Open Source Grid and Middleware


Simple Powerful Grid

MyGrid is an Open Source grid and grid middleware. MyGrid is designed with the modern concepts in mind, simple naming and transparent class hierarchy. MyGrid can distribute jobs to other grids, including comercial, such as DataSynapse, or Globus via gateway plugins. MyGrid wants to become to grid computing what MySQL became for proprietary SQL databases: a viable open source alternative.

MyGrid Model

MyGrid offers a web management interface with job dependencies visualizer, web services interface, solving complex job dependencies, job discriminators, load balancing, fault tolerance, failover, recovery, industry standard logging.

Currently, MyGrid offers Java and .NET implementations (including Microsoft's .NET and Mono on Linux). But we're also interested in Ruby developers to implement MyGrid in Ruby.

The picture on the right shows our object model. Simple, isn't it?

Jobs Visualizer

MyGrid includes a powerful scheduler with jobs dependencies and ways to visualize jobs, lacking even in most comercial grids.

Cross Platform

MyGrid is committed to be completely cross platform: first platforms targeted are: .NET, Mono .NET (linux), Java and GNU/Linux. The following version plan lays out our current cross platform vision.

Grid Enabling Applications

Grid enabling your applications with MyGrid is easy. MyGrid contains some ready-to use job processors, such as shell, file downloader etc.

Web Frontend

The Web frontend provides complete grid management and deployment across the distributed network.